Christmas tree

The last Christmas surprised me as always. That pre-Christmas time in November, when businesses all around start to compete with their selling numbers and the overbearing feeling of consumerism, didn't really give me much of a feel for being thankful for small things in life like it should be. And one of these small-big things that makes the holidays more pleasant is also the Christmas tree. And because our former (made in China) tree already lost all its magical feeling, we have been buying natural and real trees from Šentviški hrib, which we use to hang up our decorations.


I spent quite many relaxing hours in the forest, no matter the weather conditions and the season. Whilst jogging though I sometimes see a really slender or elegant figure and I think to myself: that's the one, I am taking this one home with me. I am talking about Christmas trees, of course. But most of the time I forget where the beauty was growing, and in the last few days before Christmas I am always in a pinch of what tree to choose, which would be perfect for our home.


And searching for these lost treasures requires quite some special gear. Easy and comfortable sports clothes are quickly changed to some more heavy working trousers, which already have some lumberjack tattoos engraved on them from the last few years doing this. I know the microstructure of this forest quite well, but because of the steadily growing population of bark beetles, it is changing quite drastically. I knew just that I had to find our perfect tree in a lit and open surface. Needle trees that grow in the shades of their fellow trees like to grow a bit too big for my taste. And the result of my search is usually a tree with quite a thick trunk and with short stubby branches and a asymmetrical form. A perfect fit for every living room.


So, I walked in the forest in the hope of finding my love at first sight. Some gave me a good look from afar, but most had some dents here and there, which didn't really motivate me to use my saw on them as much. Luckily the frost from winter flattened out all the weeds in the Šentviški gozd forest and I could move in with quite an ease.


And then I suddenly saw it. Gorgeous branches, thick needles, and I saw that it was just the right height. And as I stepped closer and walked all around the tree, a sudden smile just came to my face by itself. So I decided that this tree would be the finish decoration for our Christmas fest this year. As I inspected it closely, I saw it's trunk had been recently used as a nesting place for some sort of bird. It hid a nest for chicks in its inner middle, which the younglings left quite some time ago. The trunk was a bit frozen, so I had a problem here and there, while I was sawing it down. And the tree fell. A kind of tightening feeling suddenly grabbed my chest for a bit. But such is the fate for all living beings. Or the fate with bark beetle pests. But the tree will take on a leading role in the upcoming days to come, so at least that something.




It was getting dark, so I gathered up my things and went back to the valley in the hopes my family will really be thankful and happy I brought the prettiest tree I could find. And as I made my way back I was thinking about Hans Christian Andersen's tale of the tree, and I felt a bit better than before.


As I brought the tree to our living room, everything smelled nicely of tree sap and pine needles. Some last adjustment and the tree was ready to be decorated. And the nest it carried had a special role in decorating, because it was harboring little Jesus and his parents Maria and Joseph. Sadly there was no place left for the other members of the caravan, but the tree was already used to shelter its inhabitants in safety, without the extra use of bodyguards.


This year our Christmas tree was in a special spotlight. This in nature seemingly small tree was the biggest highlight of our living room and with its might covered up the view to the box (the TV), which takes up too much attention in our lives anyway.




Matej Moškon
Matej Moškon

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