A short report about the European meeting H.O.G., Portorož, 16.-19. june 2016

During the summer we tend to read even less, so that’s why the picture-book-kind of report about the hog meeting. I promised I would make it, so here it is. The organizer of the H.O.G. - Harley Owners Group, is a worldwide meeting of Harley Davidson and Buell owners and their bikes. The main focus of the meeting is to gather bike owners and spreading a good word about motorcycling and motorcyclists the same. According to the Slovenian branch (Lipa chapter), there gathered about 15.000 motorcyclist fans in Portorož and many, many more curious spectators too. How much did they spend on food and drinks? We know. A lot. A frightening amount, that is. You could see the grinning faces of all the caterers, hoteliers and even the mayor Peter Bossman. From cheek to cheek they all smiled.

Some like to bee seen as frightening, horrible, dangerous.

All uniformed and the same, at least they varry in colors.

But the machine needs to be neatly clean, beautiful and sparkly black.

Majestic, seen from afar, recognizable for eye and ear the same.

And welcome. Come in peace or go in pieces!

In drugim ni do tega, da bi bili strašni, grozni, no, nevarnost ima pa različne podobe.
And others don’t like to be frightening and scary, well, I guess danger has many forms and faces.
Aleš Leko Gulič
Aleš Leko Gulič

Born in the right year and outlived everything that happened in Trbovlje and around in the last 60 years and some more, also studying and working in Ljubljana, but as a daily commuter. Now retired. Never surrender! I am a co-worker of some movies and such things. Let’s say, biker-specific things. And Father Christmas, when the time comes. Red cross. Worked in institutes such as Delavski dom Trbovlje, a voice of the radio station Rock radio every Sunday at 20.00 pm and in the OSAP Hive with newest features at Fridays.

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